Jennifer Davis (sigje) wrote in baylisa,
Jennifer Davis

June - Monthly BayLISA - DTrace

Thursday, June 16, 2005:
Bryan Cantrill

Bryan Cantrill from Solaris Kernel Development will be doing a deep-dive
on DTrace, a new facility for dynamic instrumentation of production
systems -- and one of the most talked-about features in Solaris 10. This
will be an interactive and demo-intensive presentation; come see for
yourself the feature that eWeek called "compelling" and that Slashdotters
have claimed "rocks my socks" [Slashdot user 1359], "might be among the
two or three most powerful tools I've ever used" [Slashdot user 2898]
and is "like they saw inside my head and gave me The One True Tool"
[Slashdot user 159009].


Bryan Cantrill is a Senior Staff Engineer in the Solaris Kernel Development
Group at Sun Microsystems. His interests include dynamic software
instrumentation, postmortem diagnosability, real-time kernel
implementation and microprocessor architecture. Over his career, Bryan has
done work in many kernel subsystems; most recently, he (with two
colleagues) designed, implemented, and shipped DTrace, a facility for
systemic dynamic instrumentation of Solaris that won the Sun 2004
Chairman's Award for Innovation and was hailed as a "brilliant piece of
work" by SysAdmin magazine. Bryan received the ScB magna cum laude
with honors in Computer Science from Brown University.
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