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BayLISA LiveJournal Community

Upcoming Events and Chatter

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One way to put it that there are many user groups, but we're the sysadmins group... The Bay Area Large Installation Systems Administrators includes system and network administrators across a range of skill levels. BayLISA meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to administrators and managers of sites supporting more than 100 users and/or computers. The meetings are free and open to the public. The focus is generally on UNIX Systems, but non-UNIX issues are also topics of occasional discussion.

BayLISA grew out of an after-hours discussion among attendees of the USENIX LISA IV conference. The idea was to provide a forum for Sysadmin professionals in the San Francisco Bay area to get together and exchange ideas, hear speakers address topics of interest and most importantly, socialize.

BayLISA has an attending membership of approximately 60 individuals. While our members are mostly from the Bay area, we also have out-of-state members. We have even received inquiries from as far away as Scotland, Chile and Russia! The seven member board of directors are all from the Bay area. Board members are elected for two year terms each November, about half of them being up for re-election in a given year.